We interrupt this blog about Italy to bring you words from Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. This little fellow to the left is merely a metal representation of his living counterpart behind the bathroom mirror who is too shy to allow photographs. John has made friends with the bathroom lizard who, he tells me, eats spiders. I did have a chance to see him yesterday waiting for dinner on the wall above the shower.

We are here on the tip of the Baja Peninsula where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. John's daughter (and mine as well, now, along with Linda who is her birth-mother) is getting married on Sunday on the beach. So we are here ahead of time, enjoying the warmth and the sunshine.  Rather than staying at one of the many beach-front resorts, we chose to stay in a small hacienda for the "authentic Mexican flavor"...and so it is. We come to know Miguel, the manager, even though he speaks no English, and I speak no Spanish. Nada. But John studied a bit, and can even tell jokes and play on words with puns. Last evening we had dinner with him and Estella who does just about everything around here.She spent the morning guiding us around the new and old parts of town. Then in the evening she took us with her to a charismatic prayer meeting at her Catholic church. The people we met there and the experience we had went way beyond anything one can expect from a vacation. An older woman with a classic Mayan face was so beautiful that John commented to me: If God turns out to be a woman, that's the face she would choose for Herself. I wish I had a picture of her, but it would have been too much an invasion of her privacy even to ask.
outside our room

fountain where birds bathe inside the Inn 

John and Estella at the Marina
Beach front resorts
Cabo's famous rocks...not a good shot, sorry.
It's time for a siesta.


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