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Dawn at Sunshine Hill

It is January of a new year I hope to keep from breaking my heart. What choices can I make in this ambiguous world? Early in the month the nightmares came, the quaking in the deep reaches of the soul, the cries of something caught—imprisoned there. Of wings breaking against bars. It was the world struggling in the dark. It was the song of freedom caught in a paralyzed throat. From deep in the world’s soul I have sensed the unending yearning to sing, to fly, and I have felt the quaking behind closed doors, impenetrable walls, the paralyzed will.

I hesitate to put this into words.

We of this world have now been taught the stranglehold on life itself, on truth, on goodness, beauty and the unity of being that once we knew to be our destiny. We recognized it from the way it mirrored the depth in us. Each morning now I wake wondering. How can I meet this thing that slouches towards us? Resisting it seems not to work. Is there a possibility of calling forth from it that bird with broken wings? And if so, what is the charm that must be worked, the song that must be sung?

If anyone knows the answer, leave a message underneath a stone or in the knothole of your favorite tree. If you still can sing, let your voice be heard humming in the grocery line. If you are even now blessed with flight, soar, and let fall upon the cities, on mountains and deserts where the hermits live, and let drift across the yards of people in small towns pearly scraps of hope, green faith, and the translucent rain of love.


What else can we do, living inside this monument to liberty that has now become a cave of despair? I say we march when we can, we unashamedly grin and make a joke in the grocery line, we smile and say hello to everybody, even the ones we don't know. We try to make light in the darkness and we try to apply a tiny splint to every broken wing, trusting our intention will make up for our lack of skill. We hum and we occasionally break into song and then find a little giggle. We pretend and pretend until we make the world we want come into actual being once more. We ignore the lies and act as our own truthbearers. We tell the truth in kindness and in love and we politely ask the liars what is the point of the lie? We continue to search for the truth and in our own personal lives we demand nothing less. We raise our collective consciousness as human beings to the one, still benevolent, Creator Goddess to help us overthrow the darkness and once again make our world whole through compassion, integrity and finding those absolutes of truth, beauty and justice.
YES! Let's do that!

So wisely conceived and beautifully written. Love to you, Linda, as always.

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