Beryl's Next Big Thing

Do visit Beryl Bissell's blog, and her Next Big Thing interview. I tagged her for this blog-hopping. She's a fabulous writer and her books are well worth the time you spend in your favorite reading corner -- curled on the couch, perhaps? I like lying in the hammock under the big oak. Oh, Summer!!

You won't want to miss hearing about Beryl's Next Big Thing -- the story of her daughter, Francesca, will expand your heart. Just look at her!

I've read Beryl's manuscript, and I promise you, once this story is out in the world, you will have many quiet moments of reflection over the  courage of the woman who was willing and skilled enough to write it.

Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen. --Robert Bresson
Beryl is the author of the nationally acclaimed memoir The Scent of God (Counterpoint 2006 hardcover, 2007 soft cover) and A View of the Lake (Lake Superior Port Cities Inc., June 2011). She was named a Best of Minnesota 2006 Authors by the Minneapolis Star Tribune, and The Scent of God was a Book Sense notable in April 2006. A View of the Lake was selected as one of the best regional books of 2011 by the Minneapolis Star Tribune.


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