Casa Chiara

Last night I was so excited I could barely sleep. Little Mo didn't help much either; at bedtime he scrambled under the bed and refused to go outside, so at midnight just as I was drifting off, he did his little panting routine and I got up again--bathrobe, slippers, lucky about the full moon--to take him outside. But he must have wanted something else, like to snuggle next to me in bed. No way! Back in bed I thought again about Casa Chiara and John's and my new blog. I'd spent the evening designing it and then all day today re-designing it. Now I think I've got it!

John and I both are excited about our new Casa Chiara Hermitage. Now that we've spent two years together, we're seeing our way forward through our second half of life, and wouldn't you know, we've come full circle around to where we began -- (but with more wisdom, I hope). As teens both of us entered the monastery/convent, then left to search along other paths. Now we search together for that ineffable Center of Being and Creation that many call God.

In Italy last year we were steeped in the intense and creation centered spirituality of saints Francis and Clare. The places that were sacred to them also became sacred to me--they were already sacred to John who wrote his internationally best selling novel about the Franciscans. The caves, the simple structures where they lived in community with others who shared their devotion and dream. In Italian Clare is Chiara. Light. We've long called the place we live "Sunshine Hill." Now the house is dedicated to Clare and Francis -- her house -- Casa Chiara--House of Light.

Since both of us are writers, what better way to share our journey than through the word -- and these days that means through a blog. So in addition to my regular blog--this one--
I've set up another devoted to our inner journey. Hopefully the short entries will carry the fruits of our contemplation, our care for this beautiful land, our study, our inspirations.

We hope that you will subscribe and through the words we write accompany us on this path. It is a solitary way, and you are a friend.

Here's the link to the new blog:


Sounds wonderful Christin. Shall pop over there and subscribe.

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